NCFE Level 3 Award In Counselling Skills And Theory

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NCFE Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills And Theory (500/6328/5)

4 WEEKS EXAM PAPER Paper Ref; P000179

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Answer to Question 1a
Unconditional Positive Regard – Congruence – Empathy
Unconditional Positive Regard means to me, putting no conditions on the working relationship between you and the client, it's looking for and bringing out the positive side of the client. Showing you care, to listen in a none- judgemental caring way. It's allowing the client to talk about what ever they wish at that moment without feeling judged. Regard, to make the client feel equal to show your interest and care.
Congruence and Empathy Understanding congruence and empathy is putting yourself in the clients shoes.
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3/ EXAM PAPER Paper Ref; P000179

I choose myself as an example of this mechanism, I suffered from sexual and mental abuse as a child, I believe that this is why I have suffered in forming and keeping relationships in my adult years. A natural defence mechanism repression kicked in as a way to keep me safe as a child, memories still appear at times., I have had to have many sessions of counselling to deal with my past and feel now that I could cope with these feelings if they arose. (147 Words )

Answer to Question 2b
I have chosen Jamie because he appears to have some dificulties accepting things relating to his childhood, which seems to be affecting his life with current issues, i.e. Involving him self and accepting his child having a disabilty. I beleave he could have been in denial and repression upto this point.
Because most of Jamies issues appear to fit in the past, this is why it would be best to use a more psychcodynamic approach and take Jamie back to his childhood to deal with these issues, for him to be able to address his fears and wrong doings and move forwards.
Jamie coming to terms with what he had done as a child, with bullying a disabled child and how Jamie had remembered his father saying it was not his fault, and that it was the father and son, who was at fault. Because of this, It also would be of benefit to talk about how his