NHS Challenges

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The National Health Service also known as NHS has confronted numerous attempts to reorganise since 1980’s. These organisations have had opposing objectives, such as improving efficiency and providing patients with greater choice for medical treatments. Over the past couple of years, primary health care was focusing mostly into diagnosis and treatment of patients and in this case the general practitioner will evaluate and find a solution to the treatment, however with substantial increase of diseases, early documentation of possible risk factors and avoidance initiatives are now becoming an everyday practise.

Primary health care is now innovating various services for patients, over 800,000 patients will encounter complex needs which they will
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Secondly they expect to achieve better health care which at the moment the NHS are struggling with and therefore to come up with better facilities and a better system to ensure avoiding further challenges, and finally the NHS are willing to ensure that they could be a leadership on board to deliver further possible major care, this has been a huge challenge since a recent survey suggested that there is such a huge amount of vacancies among executives to deliver but they get into difficulties, to take step further the NHS have to prioritise a collective leadership to endure current services and to design new care models