NONPF Competencies In Nursing Research

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The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) Competencies, are behaviors expected of all Nurse Practitioners following graduation (Thomas et al., 2012). Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) has developed a Nurse Practitioner Program that educates and enforces the implementation of these behaviors in their students. They have also created desired outcomes for their nursing students that closely align with the NONPF Competencies.
Included in the NONPF Competencies is competency in leadership (Thomas et al., 2012). One of the indicators of this skill is effective oral and written communication (Thomas et al., 2012). IWU offers courses in their Family Nurse Practitioner Program such as Evidence-Based Communication and Professional
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This skill includes improving the quality of practice by using the best available evidence (Thomas et al., 2012). IWU SON offers courses such as Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice and Utilization and Research of Evidence-Based Practice that support the quality competency. Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice uses education of nursing theories to improve nursing practice (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2016). Utilization and Research of Evidence-Based Practice focus on the importance of current research in practice and develops the skills needed to use and understand research (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2016). The IWU SON expects academic excellence of all of their students as an outcome of their program (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2016). These classes lead to this outcome, and academic excellence can be considered an important factor of the quality …show more content…
Practice inquiry is being a leader by using new knowledge in practice (Thomas et al., 2012). The IWU SON offers Ethics of Health Policy and Essentials of Primary Care, which both build the skills necessary to use current information in practice. Ethics of Health Policy emphasizes the importance of using integrity when decision making and effecting change (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2016). It is a leader that chooses appropriate and ethical material to use in a clinical setting. Essentials of Primary Care help students use relevant research, evidence, and theory based on patient information and findings (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2016). The IWU SON expects their program to prepare students for leadership, and this outcome will help students use the skills they developed to become a leader by using current knowledge in their practice (Indiana Wesleyan University,