NT1310 Unit 1 Assignment 2

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The purpose this this memorandum is to present an analysis of the individual(s) who would be reading this research report. This research report is for project four of my Writing Technical Professions class. The goal of this project was to analyze a recent technical innovation. My selected topic for the report was to analyze the effectiveness of Black Phone 2’s encryption method in protecting client’s information.


While writing this research report, I kept in mind the 2 different types of readers who would be interested in it. The first type would be a person who is interested in purchasing a new cellphone, but is concerned with how safe their personal information would be kept on their device. The second
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The security threats associated with devices connected to wifi may include sniffing, repeat attacks, rejection of service, traffic analysis, etc. (Park et al., 2014). These threats can be prevented by the adoption of the encryption method used by Black Phone 2. The Black Phone 2 was created to eliminate the possibility of the user’s device being hacked into and information being stolen. This smart phone was released by Silent Circle, following an unsuccessful launch of the first Black Phone (Fox-Brewster, 2015).
The major aim of producing the Black Phone 2 with this encryption was to provide clients who required business privacy, or a solution to the surveillance system of the government that was being hacked, enough security and protection from failure of their planned work.
This report will evaluate the effectiveness of Black Phone 2’s encryption method in terms of protecting user’s information from outside hackers. This report will use user reviews of Black Phone 2, manufacturer repots, and also randomly generated surveys of statistical reports to help determine the effectiveness of Black Phone 2’s