NT1330 Unit 1 Assignment 1: User Tool

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1. User module: User register with his/her complete details. In this user can upload a file and user can process the file like update, delete or append. File details are shown to the respective user after their proper login procedure.
2. Admin module: Admin has responsibility of checking the details of the registered users. Admin also has errors information occurred in file.
3.TPA Module: Third Party Auditor(TPA) will verify the files which are processed by users, view all files which are uploaded by users. TPA can also generate token requests.
4. Error definition module: 4 types of data errors are introduced.
Flat Line Fault: It indicates error if network system remain unchanged for some time duration.
Out of data bounds fault: It indicates
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For more secure error detection technique, Key exchange algorithm is required.
1. Key Generation algorithm
For better security purpose, Secret key generation is necessary. Secret key is generated using RSA algorithm which is provided to user at the time of login.
2. Map reduce algorithm
First we go through the mapping phase where we go over input data and create intermediate values such as records from source for data are given as input to the map function pairs. The map generates 1 or more values and outputs a key from the given input. When the mapping phase is over Reduce phase is processed. All the intermediate values and output key are taken together into a list and given as an input to the reduce function. Reduce function combines those values into 1 or more final values for same output key. The proposed system which uses this method has to look after about:
a) Initialize a set of workers for map and reduce functions to run successfully.
b) Take input data(documents) and pass them to map function.
c) Streamline values given by map function to the reduce function.
d) Handle errors and preserves reliability of the