NT1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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"What does the analysis state as the reason?"

The second robot waved his hand to pull out a keyboard. Its hand moved at a rapid pace entering key information about the subject. The subject's data showcased itself on the screen above them.

[99.5%: UGC, .5%: ERROR: IB48]

"Error:IB48? An unknown component detected? Impossible. Reboot the system and reenter the data." The first robot commanded.

At the command, the screen shutdown and began to reboot itself. The second robot busied himself into checking the data for any errors.

The screen lit up once more, the result:

[99.5% UGC, .5%:ERROR:IB48]

"Send the data to the main server. Report back once the error ceases to exist."

"At once."

"As for the subject, increase the dosage to 400%, and search for the subject's creators. The more
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A rich mixture of fog from his mouth began to cover the inside of the tube. The fog moved to every inch, every corner without a moment of haste.

Crack. One formed, one after another. Moving at speeds indispensable to the human eye, the dark purple nebulous fog began to seep into the room. It escaped the attention of the robot who itself was busy with the assimilation of data. The fog began to converge, from its hazy appearance to dark purple tendrils. It moved throughout the room like a snake ready to pounce on its prey. It moved around the pillars, the monitors, the machines, grasping on to them unwilling to let go. One final tendril advanced towards the robot, constraining its humanoid figure. Soon every object in the room was under the control of the fog.

The tendril increased its strength. "Shatter." A deep ominous voice surrounded the room. With the sound of a single word, the room began to collapse.

Minutes later, the room went quiet once more. All except for the sound of a figure breathing on the floor as it nothing had