NT2580 Graded Assignments Essay

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Graded Assignments


The following sections contain student copies of the assignments. These must be distributed to students prior to the due dates for the assignments. Online students will have access to these documents in PDF format, which will be available for downloading at any time during the course.

Graded Assignment Requirements

Assignment Requirements documents provided below must be printed and distributed to students for guidance on completing the assignments and submitting them for grading.

Instructors must remind students to retain all handouts and assignment documents issued in every unit, as well as student-prepared documentation and graded assignments. Some or all these documents will be used
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Is this considered a high-priority issue?
3. Identify and document at least three vulnerabilities and the solutions related to the client configurations.
Required Resources
Submission Requirements
Format: Microsoft Word
Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
Length: 1–2 pages
Due By: Unit 3
Self-Assessment Checklist
I have identified at least five vulnerabilities for this workgroup LAN?
I have identified privilege elevation as a high-priority issue?
I have identified and documented at least three vulnerabilities related to the client configurations?
Unit 3 Discussion 1: Access Control Models

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
You will learn about access control models for different scenarios.

Assignment Requirements
In this assignment, you have a handout on the access control models. Read the handout and discuss it with your classmates to collect answers for the following questions:
Select an access control model that best prevents unauthorized access for each of the five scenarios given in the worksheet.
Which types of logical access controls should be used in each scenario? Justify your recommendations.

Respond to at least two other students’ views to engage in a meaningful debate regarding their choices or to defend your choice.

Required Resources
Worksheet: Access Control Models

Submission Requirements
Format: Microsoft Word
Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
Citation Style: Chicago Manual of