NURS 350 Research Paper Sample

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Jerold Tomas
West Coast University
NURS 350 Research
Professor Judy Evans

Article Summary
Introduction and research problem/purpose The research article entails convectional therapy for obesities and diabetes as well as bariatric surgeries which was relevant to nursing field. It is clear that the investigator usually placed his study delinquent within the setting of present knowledge in the current world. Basically, the study ended up solving one of the problems that are closely linked to the nursing field. There were various research purposes that were outlined in his research paper. The research objectives and the purposes were clearly outlined in his research paper. The research purposes involved investigation of issues such as evidences of comparative effectiveness concerning bariatric surgery for diagnosing adult patients of BIM of about 30.0 to 34.9 kg per square meters. This
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The major concept that was described in the literature review was that bariatric surgery was a form of surgical procedure that was performed on the individuals with morbidly obese purposely to help them lose weight as well as treating them and prevent the defect. At the same time, there was a general notion that all the kinds of diagnosing procedures for morbidly patients could perform equally and effectively the purpose in lowering blood sugar. However, the research depicted that bariatric surgery was more effective than convectional nonsurgical therapies. In addition, people believed that all the bariatric surgery could only be performed to the individual with body mass index that is less than 35kg per square meters especially for individuals with obesity defected effects such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and other related defects. Similarly, it was believed that the defect is only associated to adults since in the research, there was no mechanism of diagnosing the