Naacp: Race and Black People Essay

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Chapter 14 NAACP
In this chapter I will be talking about the African American group or black people and one of the groups that are associated with helping black people and looking out for their well being is the NAACP. The NAACP is the nation’s oldest largest and most widely recognized grassroots civil rights organizations. They have been fighting for civil rights for black people they were founded on February 12 1909. They were founded mainly because of all the lynching’s that were happening back in 1908. The NAACP’s primary objective is to ensure the political educational social and economic equality of minority group citizens of United States and eliminate race prejudice. ( the NAACP wanted to remove all racial barriers and discrimination against races. I feel the need of the NAACP was needed because the minorities needed a group of individuals who stood by them and would support them in their cause for equality with other races. I believe the NAACP helped start a lot of movements and if they weren’t the ones actually starting the movements they were right their supporting the movement. For many minorities they had no rights at all. They were segregated from other races because they didn’t want any of the races mixing with each other. The minorities that were segregated just wanted their civil rights and they wanted equality and to be treated as an equally amongst everyone not just their peers. There were lots of legislations that were used to keep minorities segregated from Caucasian people or white people. There were rules that were made that said white people and black people had to drink out of different drinking fountains. They had to use different bathrooms as well. I know people are thinking okay that isn’t too bad but there was a big difference between using things on the black side then the white side the white people had nice clean drinking fountains and nice and cleaned bathrooms as well. Black people did not their drinking fountain wasn’t clean they also had dirty bathrooms as well. Also if you were riding the bus and you were black and sitting on the bus and a white person came on you had to get up and give your seat up to them and move to the back of the bus. Black people literally had no rights at all. During the 1950’ and 1960’s the NAACP launched its civil rights movement in the hopes of creating civil rights for minorities. They made way and accomplished a lot with the case Brown vs. the board of education which desegregated the schools making it right for all races to be able to get an education no matter what race or color you are. There have been so many people who have stood up for the rights of the black people Malcolm X a wise man who stood up for the black people Harriet Tubman who stood up