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Naheemah Houston Mr. Kalahanis English 9 B 24 June 2015

3+ Reasons Louis Tomlinson is More Than Worthy of Being One of The World's Most
Respected/Admires Celebs

“Louis is a great person to just like, sit and kind of just admire what he’s like”,
Harry Styles tells
of his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson. This 160cm (5'2) ball of sunshine of only 23 years is a role model to so many people, including me. Louis' pure perfection because of the things he stands for and the examples he sets for young people worldwide. He's loyal, down to earth, gentle and has just the right amount of sass and didnt let anyone stop him from living his dreams. Louis is a 23 year old singer, 1/4 of One Direction, owns/plays for the
Doncaster Rovers and is opening his own record label in 2016. He's major contributer to charities such as Trekstock, Comic Relief, and Cancer Research. I mean, how much better does this guy get? Just kidding, nobody's more admirable than this gent. Louis is quite hilarious and sassy, but knows how to keep it 100% classy! His bandmate Niall horan tells Sugarscape exclusively: “I always wonder how his brain works, he kinda works like a weird comedian... If it wasn’t for Louis, we’d be the most boring band in the world. But at the

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same time he knows the balance between having a laugh and getting the job done.” Recently, you may have heard that Zayn Malik is no longer a member of 1D, and how Brit producer
"Naughty Boy" is an internet villian who repeatedly slammed the boyband and its fanbase multiple times, leading Louis to react sassily and classily to a tacky photo of Malik and Naughty
Boy captioned, "Replace this". Tomlinson took to
to send one of the best tweets of all time: "Remember when you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your pictures were cool haha ! Some people still do HA!" OOOH BURN! Louis holds no grudges with Zayn, he even kept the "1/5 of One Direction" in his bio even after Zayn said some pretty mean things to him. That simply shows that he can ruin your career, and not even step outside his boundaries as a loyal friend. Classy! As every admirable person should be, Louis is pretty thick skinned and doesn't let haters bring him down, and is always willing to be the bigger person (even though he is pretty short). Louis' biggest insecurity was his voice for a very long time, and when he and Naughty Boy had it out
NB decided it would be really funny to say mean things about his voice being high pitched and claiming he "can't sing". But Louis took the high road because its not the first time someone's tried to bring him down. Even growing up people tried to bring him off his throne, in the 1D3D movie Louis says' "My geography teacher told me 'You will never amount to anything.'" But, that didn't stop Tomlinson, it only made him work harder. Like he always says, "If you want something, go for it. You've got nothing to