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Problems in the
Drafting and Adoption of the US Constitution
Nahir Cramer

• 3 September 1783: End of Revolutionary War
• Articles of Confederation: Governmental document until Constitution ratified
• 25 May 1787: First Constitutional Convention;
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA
• 17 September 1787: Constitution Signed &
Distributed to states
• 7 December 1787 – 29 May 1790: All original 13
States ratify Constitution

Drafting Problems
• Division of power
• States’ rights vs. federal powers

• Procedure to elect a president • Diverging plans
• Strong egos of drafters
• Regional demands
• Distance between states • Virginia Plan
• Protects & favors large states
• Representation proportional to state’s population • Two-house legislature
• Strong national government w/ veto power over states

• New Jersey Plan
• Protects & favors small states
• Representation limited each state to one vote in a one-house legislature
• Did not allow for strong national government • Minimal alteration to Articles of

Adoption Problems
• North Carolina and Rhode
Island refused to ratify until
Bill of Rights was added
• Jefferson’s concern about a method to elect a President
• The Great Compromise led to the creation of two house legislature, one based on population (House of
Representatives), and other equal representation

Support from the
• Federalists: Favored a strong and centralized government • Aware that centralized government lead to abuse of power under