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Elements of Communication

Communication is a two-way process that results in a shared meaning or common understanding between the sender and the receiver. An understanding of how communication works can help us to understand and improve our communication.
The basic communication model consists of five elements of communication that are: the sender, the receiver, the message, the channel and feedback.
But in case of Microsoft Inc., the company uses CEBP. CEBP is defines as the ability to embed unified communications capabilities such as e-mail, instant messaging, telephony, video, conferencing, and application sharing, into day to day business processes and line of business applications. This enables a richer contextual collaboration among people. CEBP helps to cut human latency through real-time communications, and extends the reach of applications to phones and web pages. CEBP can improve efficiency, increase end-user adoption and drive down the cost of communications.
The company follows the following concept shown in the diagram below:

Communication Process

The Sender
The sender is also known as the encoder which decides th best and most effective way that the message can be sent. It is the job of a sender to conceptualize.
As the new product is launched, the technology experts are responsible for using effective verbal and non-verbal techniques. They organise their points to make them easy to follow and understand. Making of eye-contact with the customers is very important as these elements are essential in the effectiveness of the message. The understanding of reciever is also important in order to make it more relevant. The experts know about their product specifications and most importantly ther best features of the product in which the customers would be more interested. They should have an attraction from the customers in order to sell their product.
The Reciever
The reciever or decoder is responsible for extracting the meaning from the message.
Reciever for the launch of new product can be a teenager or an adult, beacuase the products of microsoft are used by people of every age as microsoft deals in numerous products such as Windows, Office, Security, Xbox & PC games, Skype, Developer Tools etc. so the products are made for every generation. Microsoft has a very big quantity of cusomers in the world as its products are available in almost every part of world. The customers can buy their products online or by visiting their retail stores.
The Medium
The medium is the immediate form which a message takes. The message may be communicated in the form of a letter, email or face to face in the form of speech.
Here, the experts here have to decide in which medium they want to deliver the message to the customers. As they can use different ways to convey their message like outlet stores, road shows, organizing shows. As any new product is to be launched, the very cheap way of letting the customers know about the product is via internet. The experts can launch an advertisement on most commonly opened websites describing about the product images with the statement of “Coming Soon”, in the market. As microsoft is well known company in the world. People are always excited in their new product launches. They definitely show eagerness for knowing about new products.
The Channel
The channel is that which is responsible for the delivery of the chosen message form.
The message travels from one point to another via a channel of communication. The channel sits between the experts and customers. The channels for launching a new product can be, from the spoken word to radio, television, internet, or magazines. As every channel has its advantages and disadvantages so it is the responsibility of the experts to choose the appropriate channel for the product. As the product is new, they can use television and internet as both of them include audio visual communication which