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Name : Ravin Azad Ahmed Student NO : 14018632 Faculty : Computing and Engineering Module title : Research Methods &Professional Development Module Code : ET4S18/BE4S22

Table of Contents
Professional and Self-development: 3
Self-Evaluation of skill profile: 3
Writing: 3
Speaking: 3
Development Plan: 5
Time table schedule working to develop my listening skill 6
Objective evidence and reflective analysis: 7

Professional and Self-development:
Professional and self-development are fundamental for every individual, whether employed or not. It is also strongly necessary for business and professional organizations to provide a capability for their employee skill development. Moreover, giving attention to continuing personal development often results in increased self- awareness and Knowledge. This could be achieved by analyzing and evaluating our skills to find out in which areas we have weaknesses and strengths and by developing those skills with effective objectives. Consequently, I expected in this assignment to choose my skill profile and to what extent I can develop myself and my professional career. Therefore I am going to evaluate my skill profile, which is about English language skills, and their relation to my professional career, and after that select one skill from them, and then analyze how this skill will be developed.
Self-Evaluation of skill profile:
Firstly, my purpose of learning the English language is to ameliorate my four skills of writing, listening, speaking and reading, and learn massively with a base of large vocabulary and good comprehension. However, my important purpose of learning English language is to be able to use the spoken language fluently. For example, why do I prefer to study English? If someone is merely good at reading and writing or speaking and listening, could it be said that they are good at English language? The answer to these questions is No because most of people could be best in reading and writing but lack skill of listening and speaking. This is why all four skills are vital for speakers to be able to have an advance level in language. Personally, I have different capability in each of these skills. I have been studying the English language for eight years, and I have been learned through per-sessional course for ten weeks to improve my language skills.
Reading is an essential way of achieving information in language. I am a foreign learner; during my study in English language I have learnt some beneficial techniques to be a good reader such as, skimming, scanning, re-reading, reviewing and making questions. Otherwise, before I became familiar with these techniques, I had used normal ways like reading word by word and putting my finger on each word. Consequently, I realized that these smart methods which have been referred to above are the successful schemes for reading, so I can control my comprehending to reading and struggling to get accomplishment.
Writing is another important skill in English and it helps the learner to consolidate their grasp of vocabulary and structure. I usually can get benefit from reading for writing a good essay or assignment because you can learn how experienced writers compose introduction. How is a body paragraph arranged? And also how is a conclusion showed? Another method, which I usually use to write is reading some guide book how write essay, report, article and dissertation… etc. At result of this, I think I developed my writing by utilizing both previous methods.

Another skill is speaking which has a relevant relation with listening, because during speaking you have to use listening to understand what they say as well. I am usually trying to continue in