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Name: Kayla Salazar__________ Section #_1_______
9.1 Test Part 2: Health Course Final Exam 

This template will help ensure that you complete each part of the questions completely in order to receive full credit. Questions are in black font, answers are in purple. Just save this as a word document and insert your answers. Then, drop it in the dropbox when finished.
This is an Open “notes” test.
You may use notes and the k12 curriculum and class to help you with your questions-
Do NOT “Google” the answers. You may be wrong or worse (caught cheating or plagiarizing… this will result in a zero and possible expulsion from TXVA).
Good Luck!  I wish you Happy Health for years to come!
Anywhere that is highlighted is where you need to write your answers.

1. Physical activity can benefit your life in many ways. Find FIVE benefits to activity, and label them as a social benefit, physical benefit, or mental/emotional benefit. (10 points total) Hint: 4.1 study

1) Benefit: Better shape.
Type: social benefit
2) Benefit: Healthy lifestyle
Type: Physical benefit
3) Benefit: Being Social
Type: Mental/Emotional Benefit
4) Benefit: Managing weight
Type: Physical Benefit
5) Benefit: Reducing Stress level
Type: Mental/Emotional Benefit

2. Describe an intentional injury that you have had or that you have witnessed. Describe an unintentional injury that you have had or that you have witnessed. Make sure that it is obvious that you understand the difference between intentional and unintentional injuries. (10 points) Hint: 6.1 study

Intentional Injury: If someone smokes they know their hurting themselves.
Unintentional Injury: Someone under the age drank too much alcohol and became drunk.

3. Choose two DIFFERENT contraceptive methods and describe them. Make sure to label what type it is – barrier, hormonal, or surgical. (10 points)Hint: 7.5 study

Contraceptive Example 1 – name: Barrier Method description: block the transmission of body fluids. type: Barrier
Contraceptive Example 2 – name: Sterilization description: Method for men and women Type; Surgical

4. Accessing Information (15 pts) Hint: 1.2 study 1
If you had a health concern, what are FIVE reliable sources that you could use? (1 point each)
What five questions (discussed in our curriculum) should you ask yourself when trying to determine if a source of health information is reliable and trustworthy? (2 points each)

Reliable sources of health information:
1) .Healthcare Professionals
2) .Government health resources
3) .Health related organizations
4) .Educational Organizations
5) .Library Resources

Questions to determine if a health source is reliable and trustworthy
1) . Who or what is the source/author/creator of the information?
2) .What qualifications or credentials do the person or groups have?
3) .Is there contacts information or a place you can go for more information?
4) .Is the information up to date?

5) .What is the purpose of the information?

5. Analyzing Influences (15 pts) Hint: 1.2 study 2
In the three columns below, answer the following questions:
List and describe 2 external positive or negative influences that may affect how a person feels about him/herself. Explain how those influences may affect how a person feels about him/herself. (3 points each)
List and describe 1 internal positive or negative influence that may affect how a person feels about him/herself. Explain how each influence may affect how a person feels about him/herself. (2 points each)


Description of Influence
Explanation of How the Influence Affects Feelings About Self
1 .External
How they treat him/her.
2. External
Messages on internet.
If he/she is getting bullied.
Health Knowledge
If health problem affect your life.

What is YOUR biggest influence and why? Explain thoroughly. (7 points)
Answer here:

My lifestyle.; I’m a very shy person and because of that…