Reflective Essay On Billy Elliot

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#8 Read & reflect

The part that involved me the most is when Billy's father called the teacher and asked her about the coasts (chapter 10 p 33) and tries to manage the coasts, it has been shown to me that he loves his son very much, cares about him, and his dreams . This is an example of a good father which encourage his son to be at least good at something. This book changed my life in many different ways, changed my view of life. Life is full of struggles and problems. Every problem has a solution, I have learned that nothing is hard in this life, and I have learned that reading books helps

Read and recommend
I give this book 9 out of 10.The reason why I picked up this book is that billy elliot is one of my all time favorite films and I was really intrigued by the fact that it’s been released as a story, To be honest, I found Billy’s narration quite strange at first and I thought it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. What I loved about it the most is the fact that it’s narrated by several different people. Most of the time it’s Billy who’s talking but there are chapters that are told by Billy’s father(chapter 2 p4 "I worry about billy . try t be a good father", chapter 4 p12"billy is my son")or his brother(tony)(chapter11p34"), or his friend Michael(chapter6 p20,). I loved the contrast between these chapters, It was actually one of the reasons why I found the book even more touching than the film. The way he describes what he feels about his wife(jackie)(I wanted to cry but I couldn’t my wife is dead ), how poor they are and how he can’t do anything to build a better future for his sons, how he’s ready to sacrifice himself and give up everything just to make at least one of their dreams come true is very touching. The only two things that I did not like about this book is , it contains strong language it might not be suitable for everyone. The other thing is that, I think, you really need to have some sort of information about Thatcher’s reign and this time in order to fully understand what Billy and his family are going through, what the strike is about and what state their town is in at the time.

Read and Retell

The main character is billy .his mother has died and he styes at home taking care of his grandmother billy is the son of a poor coal miner in northern England who is different from all the other boys Of his age he prefers dancing instead of boxing and he wants to become a ballet dancer. Billy chooses not to follow his widowed fathers instructions to train to be a boxer, and he had faced many problems because of…