Nana: Personal Life and Hobbies Essay

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Everyone Needs A Hobby Hobbies are important for everyone. Hobbies is something that you do and love. For example the kid that likes to collect 1999 coins is happy because he loves to collect coins from 1999 for some odd reason. Hobbies are not always collecting things hobbies can also be skateboarding, fixie bike riding and many more . Hobbies are things that make you happy and you don't even know what it could build up to be I said that to you because you don't know what the hobby could ending up to be , like a proffesion, because it could make you famous or well known for example a kid named Steven Fernandez is a kid that loves skateboarding and messing around with people on video but what he didn't know when he uploaded the film how much his activities were hobbies and now he is sponsored by a lot of skateboarding companies. This was all because of one video he uploaded on YouTube of him messing with other people. Most people don't know the importance of hobbies because of there surroundings.
Most people that will read this will call me crazy but it's important for everyone to have a hobby. Many reasons could be said but I'm only going to tell you one. A hobby is a activity you do in your spare time and enjoy.You might say that’s impossible hobbies can make everyone happy, well to that I would say life is what you make it, its your choice you can make today is a good day or a bad day. Back to hobbies maybe you might already have a hobby there are a lot of hobbies that I didn't even know existed for example there's a hobby called bus spotting which is taking pictures of a bus that are cool looking. Many people do this ,who knows what for but they love it and it makes them happy any activity that you might like can be a hobby indoor or outdoor it doesn't matter as long as it makes you happy.
Hobbies can also make you a lot of money. Hobbies that could help you make big bucks are painting, selling your collections, dog walking and many more. Painting is a hard way to make a lot of money off of ,but if you do want to make money out of painting you would first have to get recognized by a popular person or by a person that is well known. Then you could raise the price on your paintings. You could be the best painter in the world but you couldn't make any money off of it if no one recognizes the work. Selling your collection of toys, coins or anything that you collected can also make you the Chedder . Yes, it may be hard for you to sell your precious but I only recommend you sell them when needed for example paying a light bill. The most popular way that I know a lot of people making money out of what they love is dog walking. Dog walking is all