Nanotech: Nanotechnology and Bright Hub Engineering Essay

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I chose this article because I have a rising interest in nanotechnology. For the most part, the article covers the basic concepts of Nanotechnology, its potential in adding it to real world, and some of its future uses as sought out through research. To begin, the article defines what nanotechnology is. Nanotechnology is defined as, “The manipulation of matter at a molecular or atomic level in order to produce novel materials and devices with new extraordinary properties.” (Bright Hub Engineering, 2012). The closest relation to Nanotechnology is Nano-science. Nano-science is the study of the properties of structures, whereas Nanotechnology is the actual applied techniques used to fabricate and design these structures. Nanotechnology will surely lead to great breakthroughs in the field of science. Not too long from now, we will see more and more products coming from Nanotechnology enter our homes, if they already haven’t. For instance, I bought this technological product from this Nanotechnology company called NTEK. The product is called the Nano-Sign, and it is a 12-inch digital environment that plays different images in high ultra HD quality, like a real-life looking fireplace or aquarium, with real-life sounds, both of which I have and enjoy. So what are the basic concepts of Nanotechnology? Besides what we have already mentioned, the science is based on the nanometer, the scale at which they are measured; given nano is such a small particle. The basics are also entailed in multiple disciplines of science, such as biology, physics, chemistry, medicine, and engineering. All these disciplines put together are what makes the basics of Nanotechnology, which doesn’t sound so basic, and of course it’s not. Nanotechnology will change the way we produce entertainment, as well as many other products broken down to the nanoscale. There can be many positives coming out of the technology, as well as negatives, but overall, it’s set to make huge changes in the way we look at science in tomorrow’s world. The development of nanostructured materials could be broken down in several ways. There are many parts that go into the design to consider. There are the nanopowders, nanotubes, nanowires, nanomembranes, etc. The article also goes over the application areas of nanotech, such as energy, medicine, industry, communication and electronics, consumer goods, etc., that all go into