Nanotechnology in quantum physics, and reformation of war Essay

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Nanotechnology in quantum physics, and reformation of war.

Questioning quantum computers can never be over analyzed. At first glance quantum
technologies may seem unenchanting, however its study is a necessity for anyone wishing to
intellectually advance beyond their current abilities. Cited by many as to be one of the most
important influencing inventions on post-modern nanotechnologies, quantum processing would
feature even more in the ideals of the young and upwardly mobile generations. Quantum physics
stand as an inevitably progressive consequence of human civilization where quantum computers
are rarely given rational consideration to. As a fact, an innovation released upon its general
consumer is primarily meant to serve beneficial to its every day user implying simplification, and
modification, of an individual’s every-day lifestyle, however, before a particular technology is
released for a vast variety of individuals, its initial priority is overtaken, as sponsored, by
governmental institutions such as military, and national security establishments of such in order
to reveal, secure, and, or possibly prevent any technological threatening to its underlying
inhabitants and its pre-established territories. But how could that possibly affect us negatively? I
would assume that quantum computing would not affect us directly from an American point of
view, although it possibly could affect us negatively, and perhaps as well be fatal if used by a
rebelling country or nation in future, as though we may never know of as certain. The
consequences to quantum computer processing be revealed to this world most likely will lead to
a diversity of neo-cyber-attacks, tracking radio-frequency identification chips, and military

implications to remote tactical warfare, which must be strictly banned from all assembly. This,
combined together could bring devastating outcome to the world we know now, which is why it
is important we are certain about who this technology would be available to, for what purposes,
and what would be the limitations set upon the use of quantum technology.

First things first, I aim to discuss the military implications of quantum computing, with
capabilities for remote tactical warfare, as it is plays an essential role to the national security of
the United States of America and other countries as well. An issue has been mentioned, that
“unfortunately, technology is a double-edged sword,” and “as it becomes more capable of
providing positive benefits for society, technology also acquires more potential for injury and
destruction.” (Nygren, 2002. Para. 12). “The design of all future technology must consider the
possibility of deliberate attempts to convert the new tools into impromptu weapons. The dark
side of these new technologies almost certainly offers the greatest uneasiness for the Army's
ability to provide for national security.” (Nygren, 2002. Para. 29). Take for instance Herbicide
Orange which was mainly intended for use as weed-killing chemicals that were meant to
eliminate unwanted weeds from rest of plantation crops in the year of 1940. Shortly after, it was
modified by the United States government in to a form of a biological weapon called ‘Agent
Blue’, which was broadly used during World War II, and the Vietnam war against opponent’s
general population. These chemicals were not only used by the United States and United Britain
during early to mid-20th century, but by country of Iraq in Middle East during the Iraqi War
as a biological weapon of mass destruction called Anthrax, which acquired a touch of radioactive
uranium combined with agent blue, which was eventually acquired by the U.S. Department of
Defense during cold war period. By itself, this serves as an example of how some creations of
human works and mind, may both serve beneficial and harmful in many ways. “A major…