Napoleon Bonaparte compared to Marie Antoinette Essay

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Evan McCarty

Comparison of Contradicting Ruler’s

The monarch rule from Napoleon Bonaparte to Marie Antoinette contrasted in opposite directions to the fullest extent. Napoleon being a ruler of full French blood, with insightful views which enlightened France. While Antoinette, not of full French blood, continued to constantly spend the people’s money on her comfort, ruining the economy of France.

Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power through military accommodations and tactics of precision to overthrow the people in power. In 1804 after he executes a coup d’etat against the Directory, he names him self First Consul of France. As First Consul he institutes new financial tactics, creates the Napoleonic law, and improves the education system. Improving the financial system of France by opening up the Bank of France, which consisted of shareholders of influential statues, creating a monopoly which supported all status of people in France. To further gain the people’s loyalty he created the Napoleonic Law, which proved equality for all people by prohibiting serfdom and feudalism, providing religious toleration, and gaining trial by jury. In 1808 Napoleon instituted the University of France, which based on Napoleonic law, allowed Bonaparte to raise the bar of education in France which is essential for success.

Marie Antoinette on the other hand, did not gain the loyalty of people, instead singing her death warrant by the people through her lavish living. Not only did Antoinette

come into office un-liked for Austrian background, but her ways of extreme dressing,