Essay Napoleon: Louis Xvi of France and Napoleon

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Revolution comes with the progression of freedoms and the equality of people. Parity among people is essential for the advancement of a government. Governance is also vital to any movement towards alteration within an organised civilisation. Napoleon’s part in the French revolution is a good example of the necessity of leadership. Until Napoleon came, no one was able to successfully improve the French government. Napoleon’s political ambitions enabled society to progress under his leadership.
Napoleon’s transition, from peasant to emperor, is heroic in itself. Napoleon was born into a lower class family in Corsica. In his younger years he was teased for his accent which made him appear even less likely to amount to anything. Even though Napoleon was part of a minority, his teachers noticed his brilliance. After completing a two year course in one year at a leading military academy, Napoleon was assigned to be second lieutenant and over the next seven years he climbed rapidly to the rank of captain. As a captain he showed great proficiency in military tactics. His aptitude in strategy later led him to be given the rank of general and the command of an entire artillery wing. When the people of France approached Napoleon concerning their government, Napoleon took his rightful place as the leader of their country. In a quest for power, Napoleon conquered many lands and expanded the realm of France. By the age of thirty, Napoleon had accomplished more than most men could do in a life time.
Napoleon was a political genius. Before Napoleon came to power, the legal system was a mess. Laws were indistinct and often founded on ancient culture. Napoleon changed many of the laws and established the Napoleonic code. His laws were based on reason and the concept that all men are equal before the law. While Napoleon was making and correcting laws, he was also mending social issues within the country. He found ways to bring the nobles back into the country and keep everyone happy by giving them jobs and privileges. Napoleon made it so that men had equal opportunities and he laid guidelines for taxation so that people would not be taken advantage of. Napoleon also recognised the importance of having educated citizens so that every man can be an equal part of his own country. Napoleon made education more available to the middle class and he even said that the present and the future depend…