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Since the dawn of time the success of a country depends on the success of the leader. If the leader is intelligent and brave the nation will see some happy years. However, if the leader is a stupid coward then the nation will surely pay. Throughout history all countries have had a fair share of triumphant leaders. Napoleon Bonaparte was France’s most successful leader, as well as a hero.

Napoleon showed signs of leadership from a young age. He grew up a bossy and studios child. He spent most of his free time reading. Napoleon was only eight years old when he began military education. He was always gaining more and more knowledge. All he wanted to do at this age was learn more military tactics. When stationed in Valence one of his many goals was to better himself. Napoleon Bonaparte is an example to all with his desire to learn and hard work.

Napoleon excelled politically and militarily at an extremely, almost alarmingly, quick rate. He graduated his military school at age 16. Right out of school he was in the army as a second lieutenant of artillery. In 1795 Napoleon was appointed commander in chief of the army in Italy. After four years of battle he was a hero to everyone in France, and the most well known general in the military. Napoleon’s military tactics lead him to victory after victory.

When Napoleon first came into to power he was faced with many difficulties. Lois XVI left the economy bankrupt because of many years of warfare as well as lavish spending.