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The Peninsular War (Spain)

Who: Napoleons troops (which may have included some of the troops that had not yet abandoned him, under the continental system), v.s. Spain, Britain, and Portugal

What: A battle between the Spanish People and Napoleons army. Guerilla warfare was first shown by the Spaniards, which is what made Napoleon unsuccessful, because the reason he was such a good military leader was because he had a photographic memory, so he could remember military strategies that he read about in books. Since he had not studied books on guerilla warfare, he was unprepared, and quickly his army was defeated.

Where: Iberian Peninsula and Southern France

When: 1807-1814

Why: Napoleon had implemented his brother as the new ruler of Spain, and had decided to make Spain part of his empire. Since the people in Spain weren’t very educated, he thought there wouldn’t be much resistance when he tried to rule, but he was wrong.

The Peninsular War

Dear Diary,
I’m afraid that we have been defeated once again. The only person who I can rely upon is myself. Our troops have been weakened by the Spaniards. They have fought with military tactics that I am not familiar with, I had never heard of such barbaric fighting! They used “guerrilla warfare,” which was never mentioned in the books I studied. Our army must keep fighting if we still want a fighting chance at conquering Britain. Our next attack will be on Russia. Hopefully we can gain a victory, and some…