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skylar balajadia period 7 narrative essay

I remember it being a warm 72 degrees outside that day. it was highly unlikely that
Marina would get above 79 out so 72 was hot enough for some females to start busting out in daisy dukes. Me and Brandy ,my best friend at the time , were walking around town to find someone or something to do. some days marina was better than others and this day was for sure one of the other days. On those other days me and brandy would go for our "life
Changing" walks were we or more like I , talked and discussed our deepest aspects about ourselves or life or whatever came to mind. I began noticing that on our walks for a social butterfly such as her , she would be oddly silent only sharing a minimal amount of what i know runs through her mind. it didn’t bother me that i was doing most of the talking it was rare for me to really express my inner thoughts so i thought nothing much of the quiet. Brandy and I proceeded on our warm stroll around the small city of Marina and came to a standstill in front of a tree at the corner of the street that divided our houses. I knew she wanted to go home once we ended our walk at that tree. as much as brandy despised that tree she always fell into a deep gaze once she looked at it. She claimed that the tree was ugly
, too plain ,and it was unappealing to the eye. When brandy would slip into her gaze I wondered what she thought of. She hated the tree so I would imagine she'd think of all the things that let her down in life ,all her failures , all the things she was too ashamed of to share with me. The kind of negative feelings you feel when you stare at an object that you see as ugly. I couldn’t really put my finger on how someone with what seemed like the perfect life have regrets and failures. Brandy was so mysterious, sometimes for me even being her best friend she was the hardest person to read .How she was feeling exactly was often difficult to get through her vague acts of expression. She wore this smile that everyone but me believed as true. if you were to meet Brandy and sit and have a conversation with her you'd automatically fall in love with the type of person she is. She has the biggest heart with so much love to give.
She lives life so horribly straightforward that she has no fears. Brandy wants to be viewed not for what she is but for what she longs to be. i adored her.Brandy being your average social butterfly you wouldn't expect for her best friend to be so socially awkward. I have good people skills and can actually hold up long conversations. but if i have the option of being alone i would prefer to work by myself. i'm very to myself i have my shy moments but i am never outspoken. A lot of time her and I saw the world and the things inside it