Which Is The North American Roller Hockey Championship

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Event Overview I have chosen to manage NARCH. Which is the North American Roller Hockey Championship. The tournament runs from Wednesday July 15th though Sunday July 26th, and will host the world’s top teams over two weeks until a champion is decided in each division. The event will take place at Germain Arena in Estero, Florida. Germain Arena has hosted this even for the past decade. With a huge following and tons of sponsors this tournament is always fun to run and participate in. The tournament is huge with tons of moving pieces. We have up to 26 different divisions with a total number of teams at 250+. There a divisions from U6yr olds all they way up to Over 40 and Pros. We have to make sure all teams and players get checked in before starting there first game. The top teams around the world must qualify to make it to NARCH. We would like teams to arrive in Estero by the evening of the 14th at the latest. With so many teams and players we need ample amount of time to get everyone situated. Team check-ins will occur at 7am at the Arena the morning of the 15th. At this moment teams will receive their bags with schedule and directions to surrounding shops, hotels and restaurants, as well as directions to and from the rink. The first couple of days work as follows. When teams arrive they are placed into there designated locker rooms to await the start of there game. They will play in a round robin until the top four teams from each division are decided. From there then the playoffs will begin. Depending on how each team does determines their placement in the playoffs.
Games will take place on all three rinks, green, blue and in the main arena. The games will be played 15minutes after each other. Unless a game starts to run behind. Championship games throughout the tournament will be played in the main arena The reason behind scheduling games 15min. apart is so that fans and spectators can watch the most hockey possible as well as keeping the crowds at a controllable level. Because this is a Roller Hockey championship we are not using the ice, thus not needing a Zamboni cut at the end of each game. All we need is sweepers to get the dust off the rink. We do not sell tickets for this event, it is open to the public to come and go as they please.
The tournament is mostly volunteer run, and brought in by the NARCH tournament. Some of the volunteer jobs will include: Home penalty box attendant, Away penalty box attendant, Scorer, Scoreboard Operator, as well as Merchandise workers. We also make sure being a Germain Arena manager that we have our pro shop, concession stand and recreation office up and staffed throughout this event. Germain Arena also covers the cleaning crew for this event to make sure the rinks are cleaned at the end of the night and so that the locker rooms are cleaned in between each game as teams come and go, in and out of them.
Event SWOT Analysis
In chossing NARCH I think that my biggest strength is that I have been working at Germain Arena for the past five years and have already put on and helped run this event twice. So im ready for all of the obsticles that I knoew it has. Having woked this even and played in this even more times then I can count gives me a huge advantage when it comes to dealing with certain problems. In addition to these strengths the rink and its staff have a hige strength of its own. It is that we have been one of the primary host of this even for the past decaded and NARCH keeps coming back. In regards to safety and security at the tournament we not only have a staff of athletic trainers and student athletic trainers at the event, we have an emergency staff ready to go should anyone, player, coach, or spectators get hurt. We also have a security staff at the rink. We have a minimum of two security guards in each rink as a game is happening as well as another two to three around the rest of the event. As far as concessions are concerned, Germain Arena,