Essay on Narcissist: Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Somatic Narcissists

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Dyeidra Jackson

What Is A Narcissist?

According to Google Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process. Basically, a person who has a narcissistic personality is totally self absorbed. Unlike some other mental disorders, nobody is sure what can cause a person to develop NPD. Most doctors and psychologists believe that the cause of NPD is something that happened in the person’s early childhood. Although they haven’t discovered a certain cause of NPD, doctors and psychologists find it easy to diagnose someone with NPD. Narcissists tend to be extremely obsessed with themselves, prone to intense feelings of jealousy, extremely sensitive, find it hard to maintain healthy relationships, manipulative, lack empathy for others, easily hurt, always respond negatively to criticism, and it does not take much for a person with NPD to feel rejected by others. Most people related Narcissists to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” because it is also easy for a Narcissist to switch up personalities. A Narcissists can and will be “whoever” they feel they need to be to get whatever it is that they want out of people. Most people tend to fall in love with Narcissist because they tend to be highly seductive and extremely charming. But being in a relationship with someone with NPD can be a living nightmare. People who become involved with a Narcissist find it hard to escape, and if they do the physical or emotional damage caused by the relationship can be very severe. If a person with NPD doesn’t get what they want, they usually resort to violence or they may try to tear down some else’s self esteem. Most Narcissists tend not to go for strong minded people, but for people who they know that they can easily control and manipulate.
What most people don’t realize about Narcissists is that there are two types of Narcissism, cerebral and somatic. They have all of the same characteristics but Cerebral Narcissists tend to lean more on their “superior intellect and great knowledge”, while Somatic Narcissists tend to lean on their “physical beauty and prowess”. Somatic Narcissists tend to have a very long list of sexual partners as an ego boost. Some professionals do believe that in some point of life some Narcissists may flip-flop between the two. There also subtypes of Narcissism, Overt and Inverted. An Overt Narcissist is always in control and is always right. They have the most massive egos ever. They can and will verbally and/or physically tear you apart and show no remorse or guilt about it at all. An Invert Narcissist shows all the characteristics of a Cerebral, Somatic, and Overt Narcissist, they only difference is they want to be taken care of. They don’t want any types of responsibilities. They look for people that are very successful. An Invert Narcissist life is usually compared to the life of a parasite.
The goals of a Narcissistic person may come off selfish to you, but to them it’s perfectly okay. A Narcissistic person will reach and achieve all of their selfish goals and don’t mind breaking down few people to get them. Narcissistic love playing mind games and can easily get inside someone’s head. There have been cases in which lovers of Narcissistic people have reported not only being in love but addicted. The best way to lose an addiction to a Narcissist is to cut all ties and end all contact. But, how that goes depends on how far into the relationship you were. If the