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Therefore, when she saw Narcissus wandering through the lonely countryside and fell in love, she follows his footsteps secretly. Also the more she follows she burns with a stronger flame; just as when the lively sulfur smears around the tops of torches, seizes the flames brought close. Oh how often she wished to come to him with sweet words and soft prayers. Her nature prevents and does not allow her to begin. But she is ready for what is allowed, to wait for words from which she can answer back. By chance the boy, separated from trusty comrades, had called out, “Is anyone here?” “Here,” responded Echo. Narcissus is astonished, and while his eyesight gazes around, calls “Come” in a loud shout. She calls the caller. He looks around, and again when no one has come, says, “Why do you flee me?” And as many words that which he spoke returned to him. He persists, and deceived by the illusion of the answering voice, says, “Here, let us come meet,” and Echo, who would never make a more willing reply to any sound, replied, “Let us come meet.” And her own words be as good as, and having come out of the forest, she hoped to throw arms around his neck. He flees from her, and fleeing, says, “Take away the embracing hands, may I die before you enjoy me.” “Before you enjoy me,” was all she could reply back. Rejected, she lurks in the forest, and ashamed, she covers her mouth with leaves, and from that time on she lives in a lonely cave. But nevertheless love persists, and rejection pain grows: sleeplessness weakens the pitiable body, and thinness shrivels her skin, and all of her body is sucked up into the air; only her voice and bones survive: her voice stays: they say that her bones take on the appearance of stone. Ever since, she hides in the forest and is not seen in the mountains. She is heard by all: it is the sound, which lives in her.

When Echo saw Narcissus trekking through the rural area, she fell in deep love with him. This resorted to secretly following him in the forest; and the more she stalked him, the more her heart burned with passion towards him. She desired, immensely, to speak soft words to him and to offer him beautiful orisons. However, Echo is incapable of performing such tasks, as her nature does not permit it. What is allowed, however, is for her to wait for words that she can repeat back to Narcissus. Fortunately for Echo, Narcissus, without his companions, called out aloud: “Is anyone here?” Eagerly, Echo replied back: “Here!” With those words having been spoken, Narcissus becomes astonished, and he searches all over the forest…