Narnia Character Analysis

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Jill points out that Susan is interested in nothing except those feminine things. Lady Polly, who is older and wiser than Jill, points out that the problem of Susan is not being grow up but her interest in opposite sex. The problem is Susan does not put the things correctly; she makes the second thing, interest in opposite sex, being the first and lost her faith of Narnia.
Susan is the only protagonist who has experience in Narnia and relationship with Aslan does not change her to be a better person. Indeed, she is very kind and soft but she is the one who turn her back from Narnia, she lost her faith for Narnia. And for Lewis that is a big unforgiven mistake so Susan could not join to the heaven of Narnia.
Writer can conclude from the sin of Susan that from these novels Lewis shows the difference between genders, especially the woman who has huge feminine elements in her characteristic. Susan is a pretty girl and Lucy wants to have a look like Susan, for Lewis, it is a mistake to try to be pretty because she might try to use it to achieve her goals. That is why women who
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Both of them did mistakes in their journey in Narnia, but Lewis does not give them the same chance. That both Susan and Edmund did mistakes, but it is only Edmund that has second chance to change his personality to be better and even very good personality in the story. In contrast to Susan, he excluded her because of her mistakes that interested in lipstick and nylon. The writer thinks that Susan’s mistake is not a big one, she is growing up, and for Lewis is such a big sin to be beautiful, interesting in woman stuff and interests in opposite sex, which is why Susan banished from the heaven of Narnia. Lewis does not give her second chance like he does to Edmund who did a big mistake, betraying his siblings. Male’s mistakes can be forgiven but female’s mistakes cannot be forgiven and should have