Narrative: Difference Between Generation X And Generation Y

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Difference between generation X and generation Y
As we know, China was a very strong country which has five thousand years of culture traditions. But since 1661, the ancient civilization became a byword for isolation and stagnation of China. It has maintained two hundred years. And then, China was invaded by other countries. So China became weaker and weaker, and there are a lot of gaps of values between generation X and generation Y, such as their education and their hobbies.
First of all, they got very different educations. In China, an amount of generation X people didn’t get enough education, a lot of them dropped out when they finished primary school. They want get educate, but they can not. One of the most serious problem is money. Because China was invaded by other countries, most of family was poor, they didn’t have enough money for children went to school. On the other hand, population is another big problem, most of family had more than three children. So, in common family, they can not let all of children go to school. In China a lot of people think generation X is people who dare to think, explore new ways and generate new ideas. They didn’t get enough knowledge, but they have courage to discover, to try. Because they even didn’t get enough education, they still get their success. Generation Y is very different from generation X, most of them grew up in the perfect environment, their parents sent them to best school, gave them best care, everything is best, they can get anything they want. They have perfect environment, but they didn’t study hard, because these things come so easy, what they only need to do is accept it. They got good education, but they didn’t accept, they don’t want knowledge as wishful as generation X, because they had good environment, they didn’t need to consider anything else, they didn’t know how hard this life is.
On the other hand, because they got different education and live in different environment, they have thinking. In the past, generation X have to do housework or farm