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Kendra Riley
Matt Christensen
English 101: Composition 1
November 7, 2014
Lauren Minion: A Narrative of an Undersized Adult who Provoked Life Changing Realizations
Paulo Coelho once said that, “A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which [s]he desires.” I say that a child can teach an adult much more than just three things. I sat anxiously inside my neighbors dimly lit, oversized house, maintaining surveillance of their son,
Landon. What was I waiting for? I was ever so anxious to meet Landon’s baby sister. The delivery: prolonged, slow, heartrending, tiring, and just about every other adjective that could possibly describe a twenty­seven hour delivery. I sat twiddling my thumbs, I paced through the halls, I made a welcome home sign, yet there was nothing. I had waited for this moment for nine excessive months and now it was here!
My neighbors and close family friends were having a beautiful baby girl and my heart was fluttering with joy. This is my second family.
immediate family shimmied our way in the the house right next door five years prior to the day of Lauren’s birth. I watched their first child grow all the way from the time he was born. I loved to babysit, and I did so often. How we came to be so close to call each other family was babysitting.
At approximately 1:30 in the morning, I received a call! The baby was here and her name was Lauren Grace Minion; absolutely beautiful! Now, I was even more anxious than before knowing that Lauren had been born. The news was music to my ears; how could they


possibly expect me to sleep? I decided I would prepare the house for the delicate neophyte who would soon be introduced to the warmth of her own home. I was up all night hauling my tired yet exuberant self around. Before I knew it, I heard a car door slam. The family had returned! I rushed to greet them and made sure to spot the baby...precious. Within minutes, I was holding her.
Her beauty as radiant as a thousand suns,
I couldn’t force myself to disrupt my gaze.
Wrapped in pink, only hours old there was a stunning baby face stained with rosy pink cheeks staring up at me.
She was a light feather entangled in a bundle of pink.
That bundle of pink was a very special gift in which I had sent with them to the hospital. Seeing her wrapped up in my gift was a very special feeling, making me feel even more connected to her. How blessed was I? Wispy locks of bleach blonde hair brushed up against my arm, and I smiled of pure peace of mind.
Her skin was soft sand against mine.
It struck me, how could someone just a few hours old make me feel so much delight?
Calm as a soft summer eve,
I tended to her almost all through the day.
I returned day after day to spend quality time with my second little sister. She began to portray these amazing characteristics, which seemed to speak to me. It was an unusual pleasure I had never experienced in kids of her type.
She was humble yet complicated; she was ebullient yet vivacious; she was halcyon yet anxious.
Lauren began to fall onto me and like mold, formed to me and blew me away with the overwhelming amount of power she had in her.
Her soul and characteristics were saturating through me, mentally and physically. It was astonishing.
I cherished when Lauren and I would have these moments. Simply amazing.
It was the best of gifts, it was the worst of gifts, it was the blessing of God, it was the lesson of God, it was time of affection, it was time of antagonism, it was the season of


cloudiness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything we needed, we had nothing we needed, we were going crazy, we were helpless ­ in short, the epoch was so much like life as a whole, that some of its