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Katie Fish
Week 2: Narrative and Narration
The film, using an airheaded, high school girl as its narrator and main character, is defining clueless as someone who is more interested in the latest fashion than other people’s feelings because they made her the subject and cluelessness was the theme. Her idea of community service is helping a new girl become popular by teaching her how to be just like herself. Cher is “clueless” because she thinks the world is centered around her, the newest fashion, and her relationships with her classmates and family. Cher is the stereotypical dumb blonde in every way. She is a high class valleygirl of Beverly Hills. She is very materialistic, shallow, and greatly concerned with her social status and appearance. Her lack of responsibility and regard for anyone else is first demonstrated in the film when she drives her brand new jeep without a license, very recklessly to go joy riding with her best friend. She hits trashcans, runs stop signs, and drives on the wrong side of the road. The film is exhibiting her cluelessness to the danger she is putting herself and others in. All the ditzy things she and her friends do illustrates the theme of cluelessness. To contrast and exaggerate that theme, Cher is compared to the more realistic and down to earth, Josh.
Josh, her ex-stepbrother is completely the opposite. He watches the news, wants to go into environmental law, and discusses philosophy on dates. He introduces her to new ideas about using her popularity to make a difference in the lives of people around the world, not just in her clique. At first, Cher doesn’t truly understand what he is saying. Her interpretation of his advice leads her to makeover a new girl at school. Tai is set up to be the outcast by the way she originally dresses, but Cher and her friend quickly set her up with Elton, a popular boy, and…