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Haroun and the Sea of Stories

1. The plot is structured in the form of being told chronologically. The plot begins with Haroun arrives home from school to learn that his mother has run off with his upstairs neighbor. There is only one narrative that moves the story along which is the adventure narrative.
2. A major conflict in the story was the war between the Guppee army and the Chupwala army. The conflict is resolved when there is a great earthquake and the moon begins to spin. The statue of Bezaban falls and crushes the real Khattam-Shud. Peace is declared and everyone receives a promotion within their rank.
3. The major themes of the story are the importance of stories in a person’s life, the balance needed in a society between the control and expression of speech, and the foolishness of war.
4. The main character of the story is Haroun and he wants his father’s storytelling to return. He gets his wish when the walrus gave him a happy ending. Another main character is Rashid. Rashid and Haroun hoped to make their city happy. In the end, the city was raining and everyone was dancing. Blabbermouth is a women knight of the army of Gup. She wanted to fight in the army, but prince bolo exposed her. Then she became aid to Mudra.
5. Prince Bolo, Princess Batchet, and King Chattergy are the highest on the social hierarchy. Haroun and Rashid are the lowest, but Rashid is very educated with many stories. Blabbermouth is despised for her sexual orientation because she dressed up as a man to get into the army.
6. The setting of the story takes place in the country of Alfibay. This country was filled with sadness because everyone forgot what the name meant.
8. The author’s purpose of Haroun and the Sea of Stories is to inform. The author wants to inform us about the problems in society today. You can infer that the author has very, strong views against today’s society.
11. A person that serves as a part of Rashid is Mr. Sengupta. He is the man who is Haroun's neighbor, and who runs off with Soraya. Another person that serves as a part to Rashid is Iff. Iff's task is to control Rashid's supply of Words, which appears in the form of waters transmitted to Rashid via an invisible faucet by a means that is never revealed. Butt the Hoppoe was assistance to Haroun as his transportation.
12. An inanimate object that acts as a character in the story is Mali. Mali is a floating garden. His task is to cut away weeds that grow on the ocean floor.
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