Essay about Narrative and White Elephants

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Whenever I read a book I hardly ever take the time to reflect back and take into consideration the author's point of view and how essential it is to the story. The point of view can create and reveal many aspects of the story. After reading "Hills Like White Elephants", by Ernest Hemingway and "How", by Lorrie Moore I was able to realize the importance. The point of view in a book can often assist the story unfold. Furthermore, it effects how much or how little is revealed to the reader.
"Hills like White Elephants" is told in third person narration with an objective narrator which " consists mostly of dialogue interspersed with minimal action and description"( Booth and Mays 97). Because the story was told in 3rd person I lost the insight of the characters; although I gained knowledge from the dialogue and the characters actions, I was not able to penetrate their thoughts.Through out the story I wondered exactly what was going through Jigs head. Had I known what she was thinking I would have had a better idea as to what was going on. However, the lack of internal thoughts is what made it so magnificent.The way the author relayed the information had me enticed. The story moved along quickly, but I made sure I hung off every word of the dialogue wanting to know more.
On the other hand, " How" was written in second person narration. Unlike "White Hills Like Elephants" there were vivid descriptions that helped me know exactly how the narrator felt and perceived things. One example that I really get into the narrators head is when she is dreaming. She states "Nightmares have seasons like hurricanes. Be prepared. You will dream that someone with a violin case is trailing you through the city. Little children come at you with grins and grenades." From reading that not only did I get what she was thinking but down to what kept her up at night. Second