Narrative: Bee Sting and Friend Tony Janssen Essay

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Curiosity in the Medical Field

Ever since sixth grade I have retained an interest in the medical field. The curiosity first developed while I searched for jobs with the highest salaries on the internet during a career exploration unit in Mr. Krentz’s sixth grade class. An anesthesiologist appeared as number one in a list of the top highest paying jobs in America. I examined the profession further and concluded the occupation didn’t seem like the job for me. Although the medical field first appealed to me due to the high salaries, I’ve had a couple experiences since sixth grade that have augmented my inquisitiveness in the medical field.

The day was young, hot, and humid last summer when the inconceivable happened. My friend Tony Janssen and I loitered around my house when my dirt bike caught his eye. He decided he wanted to ride it so I gave him a helmet and away he went. He rode up and down my driveway going faster and faster each time. Until one time he went too fast. He couldn’t stop, he had nowhere to go but over the small rock wall and straight into a large sturdy oak tree. Tony remarkably got up and walked towards me about fifty feet. I thought he had remained unscathed, but that’s when I saw his knee. I shouted at him, “Tony, look at your knee!” He saw what I saw and immediately laid down in the thick green grass under his feet. Tony had a deep laceration just below his right knee, only; it wasn’t a typical cut, the soft spot of his knee just below the patella had been smashed in by the peg of the dirt bike.

I knew instantly he would have to go to the hospital; however I had only acquired my drivers license three days earlier. Tony and I both attempted to call our parents however they would not answer their phones. Luckily, Tony’s body must have naturally numbed the wound because he wasn’t in any pain. After sitting for about thirty minutes, my mom finally answered I explained the situation to her and she told me to drive him to the hospital.

I brought Tony to the emergency room where he was asked a few questions and put in a room. The doctor came in shortly and Tony told him the story. The doctor explained how he planned on treating Tony’s injury and explicated that the first step would hurt, very much. That it did, Tony winced in pain as the doctor began to anesthetize the wound by injecting a numbing solution directly into the laceration. When the doctor put down the needle, Tony could no longer feel pain in the wound which allowed the doctor to begin cleaning the lesion. Tony couldn’t watch as the doctor vigorously but carefully used his finger to move the bloody fatty tissue in order to further clean away the blood. Next the doctor began to stitch up the gash, as he did this, he asked Tony and I what we had planned for our futures as far as occupations. While Tony responded that he was going to do something aerospace related, I responded I was leaning towards somewhere in the medical field. After I said that he asked me if I wanted to stitch up

Tony’s knee. I was astonished and didn't know if that was even legal. Not wanting to screw up what the doctor had already started I declined his offer. After Tony was all stitched up he was free to go home. At this point his mom had arrived. She didn’t want to see any blood so she sat and waited for the doctors to finish.

This isn’t the only experience at the hospital that has ensured my curiosity in the medical field. Also last summer, after Tony’s accident, my mom got stung by a bee for the first time in her life. Although…