Narrative: Denny Laine and Thermonuclear Sauce Essay

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Avery Woods
Mrs. Howell
English 111-21
9 September 2013
A Brush With Thermonuclear Death
Audience: People who don't know their limits.
Purpose: To inform and entertain.
Many people might experience a brush with death in their lifetime, but my experience was unlike anything I ever thought it would be, my brush with death was thermonuclear. My friends and I were on the way to McDonald's for dinner. However, we pulled into the parking lot of McDonald's and saw another place called Wing Shack across the street. So we all decided we would try it out for future reference. We went across the street to the Wing Shack and walked inside. It was a different sort of environment, small and not very crowded. We still decided to give it a chance although it did not seem to interest others. We all look at the menu and the first things to grab all of our eyes were the sauces.
The many sauces they have on the menu varied from “Sissy sauce” all the way to one called the “Widow-maker”. We were all convinced that it was terrifying just from the sound of it. I never was very intimidated by it however. I thought since it was not very crowded and just a little shack, that the “Widow-maker” would not really pack as big of a punch as others thought it would. So, of course I get 6 wings with the thermonuclear sauce. About ten minutes later my friends received their wings. The waitress told me that they are applying the hardly ever asked for sauce at the moment. Smirking as she was excited to see my face