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Gonzalo Albendea
English 101
Dr. Debonis
24 March 2015
A life lessons
Rachel (my girl) and I were walking back home after having a great dinner in a place call “La Galleta.’’ It is located downtown and we had unique plates that consisted of vegetables and chicken along with wine glasses. We were pacing home because we wanted to get home as soon as possible. It was spring and the weather was warm, and she had air conditioning at her house. We were watching Me Resbala a very funny show and all of a sudden we hear a woman screaming down the hall. We made our way to the noise and we saw a woman crying, screaming, and hitting a guy with her purse. I didn’t pay much attention to the way the way the guy was dressed because I was focusing on the woman hitting him. The woman was wearing some boots, jeans and a t shirt. On the right of the road, there was a Mercedes Benz with plates from Madrid. The car had a huge hit on the front and I could see the bumper raised and some oil leaking out, but the worst part was three meters away from the car. A guy was lying on the road. He looked young no more than 20 years, his jeans and shirt or the majority of them were red from the excessive bleeding the crash caused. I thought he was dead so I took his pulse and thanks be to God he was alive after this horrible situation I realized I had left Rachel in the other side of the road. She was near to the girl who had been trying to it hit the guy. I went to calm her because I knew she was getting nervous and I told her to stay away and even more after her own problems she already had so she stay apart from the incident when I came back the girl was still kicking him and all of her make up smeared, she was crying and all of the words were unpronounceable at this point I guess it is better to say that because there wasn’t the best words you can ever tell a person.
The guy was wearing sunglasses, he had a big tattoo on his arm that I couldn’t recognized what it was also earrings and the last pair of Nike sneakers on the market, a t-shirt and blue jeans, it looks like he didn’t care about nothing else than himself. I can say he was out of the situation and when she was yelling him he began to throw up she moved from the site but she kept saying everything that came to mind. After he vomited he couldn’t even remember where he was. He sat on a bench I thought he looked tired. I came again to see how he was and one moment later we hear the particular sound of the ambulance and the police, they came fast, I remember I stayed there for three minutes.
First ambulance arrived and the driver told me to stay away so they could assist the accident. The driver went to see the guy and he brought an aid bag, one second later the police arrived. I went back again with Rachel she was crying and I cried too. I told her to go back home but she told me the girl might need some help. There was a male nurse giving attention to her and