Narrative: Doctor and Twins Essay

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Special Event

“You will never understand life until it grows inside of you.”-Sandra C. Kassis A particular occurrence in my life that had special meaning to me is when I found out that my daughter Eve was having twins. Like any other woman, I figured that she was pregnant due to the signs: cramps, fatigue, and nausea. Once she had told me she was pregnant, we immediately went to the hospital to ensure that she was correct.

After waiting a few hours the doctor finally invited us into his room. After questions and a short discussion, she then had an ultrasound and other tests ran. I then began to have a mind full of whirling fearful thoughts of what the doctor was going to say, “Will it be good news or will it be awful news?” Finally, the doctor to a glance at my daughter and said, “Eve you’re indeed pregnant, but you have a huge blessing.” I didn’t really understand what he meant by this so I replied, “What do you mean doctor? “ He chuckled briefly and turned the screen towards me and said,” She’s having twins!’ I couldn’t believe what I saw on the screen! I was truly amazed by the two little circles moving around; my eyes began to swell with tears and a smile grew.

Special Event While we waited to get checked out, I began to daydream about how fun it was going to be to have twins running around my house. And how I would dress them up the same. I then prayed that they would be handsome or beautiful, identical; so I could get a good laugh every day, and they would have full heads of hair no matter their genders. The more I thought about it, the more I became happier because I knew that God had truly blessed my daughter with the opportunity to have twins. I could tell by my