Narrative Essay

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Narrative Essay
The transition of a high school student to a college undergraduate is a life-changing experience that most youths go through. The course that led to this transformative event began on the first day I entered high school. Attending a technical school for four years was the best decision I could have made. It prepared me for the real world while simultaneously providing me with the skills needed for college. My first year in high school was like moving into a new city and trying to adapt. The courses I took were definitely at a faster pace than any class I had ever taken before but it was nothing I could not handle. On the other hand, passing onto college is a whole other level as I realized that everything I had done to get here was just a test.
During my first year of high school, I explored various career areas in order to decide what I wanted to pursue. Initially, I was interested in Information Technology because of my fascination for computer programming. That started to change as I discovered the business field. My mindset was suddenly altered by an unexpected curiosity for the business world. By the end of that year I determined that what I wanted to do for the rest of my four years there was Business Technology. In that career area I was exposed to computer applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, HTML, and Google Docs. The staff from that area prepared its students for the technology of the business world in order to be successful in any type of management field. I was satisfied with my choice and two months into the program I knew that I had made the right one.
My second year in high school was followed by multiple achievements. I was recommended for honors classes due to my consistent effort. In my Sophomore year I earned straight A's on all my subjects. My motivation was the possibility of studying in a prestigious university. My conscience kept telling me that I had the potential to get there if I continued to strive for success. I also received numerous awards like Student of the Month and the High Honors Award. This was definitely the golden year of my high school experience.
Junior year was a little more difficult than the previous ones, however, I managed to handle my school work and a part-time job at the same time. The classwork was indeed more difficult but regardless of the obstacles that I faced that year my grades remained stable. The only exception was my history class. It proved to be the only challenge on my Junior year. The teacher for that class was all about preparing his students for the future struggles we would be facing in college. This concept that he instilled onto us sparked my excitement of going for