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My Laptop’s Problem Some days ago, I had to reinstall my Windows 7, an operating system of Microsoft, in my old laptop, which was bought over five years ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with my laptop: I couldn’t connect the Internet from the router in my home with my laptop, although my laptop could still connect the Internet from Wi-Fi created by my phone, and other devices—such as my Ipad—could still connect the Internet from the router. Therefore, I decided to set up again my operating system Windows in my laptop. I had a Windows 7 DVD install disc when I bought my laptop. I used to reinstall my Windows by using this Windows 7 disc for many times (it is easy to do!). However, one time I used the Windows disc to reinstall, my laptop was freeze, and I lost all my important data, including all lecture of my study. It caused by my laptop’s DVD driver was not working well: it couldn’t read the Windows disc completely. I asked my friend who can repair a computer for help, and he used a USB flash drive to reinstall the Windows for my laptop. Now I know that I can reinstall the Windows by using a USB flash drive instead of using the Windows disc, but how can we make a USB so that it can set up the Windows? (I used to copy all the files from the Windows DVD to my USB, but it don’t work) I tried to find the way that creates the USB which set up the Windows on the Internet, and the result made me surprise: a lot of websites showed how to make a USB to reinstall the Windows. I read some of them to find a website which describes easily and understandable, and then I prepared to make a USB to reinstall my Windows. First of all, I needed to have a USB with 4GB-free storage, so I had to erase the entire contents of the USB drive by formatting it. This is not easy because formatting the USB drive has many steps: “1. Insert the USB in the computer. 2. Click Start> All Program> Accessories, then right click on Command Prompt and select ‘Run As Administrator’ 3. In Command Prompt, type DISKPART, then type LIST DISK, and type SELECT DISK X (with X is the appropriate disk number) 4. Type CLEAN.” These steps just eraser all files in my USB, so I needed more some steps: “type SELECT DISK X, CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY, SELECT PARTITION 1, ACTIVE, and type FORMAT FS=NTFS.” Later, I had to do more some steps to finish: “type ASSIGN, EXIT (DISK PART will exit), and type D: CD BOOT, then BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 E:” (“Install”).That all steps I did to prepare my USB. It is not very difficult to do, but I need carefulness because if I type wrong one step, perhaps I will have to start all over again. Second, I had to copy all files from the Windows DVD disc to my USB, so I hoped the DVD drive of my laptop work well this time, but this time the USB was not enough space to store all the files in the Windows disc. Therefore, I had to look for the files which are unnecessary in the Windows disc. The disc has a lot of files, and I was really not sure what files are necessary, so it was difficult for me. After a while, I saw a folder-“langpacks”-with many different languages in there, such as French or Spanish, and thought that I only needed English language, so I decided to