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Summer Abukhalaf
Freshman Writing, Block 4
Narrative Essay

The 31st

By Summer Abukhalaf “Meet with us in science after school, okay?” Maggie says.
“Okay, let me call my mom and tell her about it,” I say.
I know my mom will never let me walk with my friends to go to someones house.
I’m so excited to go trick or treating with my friends. This year is supposed to be absolutely perfect. Eighth grade is very important. It’s your last year in middle school.
“Hello, can I please go with my friends trick or treating after school in Elena’s neighborhood,” I say dying for the answer to be yes yet knowing it will be no.
“Summer, you already know the answer. No,” she says annoyed. “Let your dad just drive you there but a parent must be with you.”
“Okay,” I say relieved that I can actually still go I immediately text my friends.
The day of Halloween, we are all so excited. The six of us were supposed to meet up after school but most of us just got rides.
“Ding dong,” Elena’s door bell rings.

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I hope its the right house, I’m so anxious to see whos behind the door I step forward. “Elena!”
“Summer! you made it,” she says happily. Maggie was there fiddling with her purple costume that didn’t come out right so she was a purple ball. A few minutes later Marisa shows up. Elena was queen of hearts, Marisa was spider women and I was little red riding hood.
We all got to see Elena’s new kittens and we sat there till 6. “You guys are going to love my neighborhood they give out king sized candy bars,”
Elena says with a smile.
It was finally 6 o’clock we gathered together and took a few pictures hoping to remember our time together.
“Whats the problem?” I say.
“My mom can’t come with us to watch us go around the houses but we can still go without her,” says Elena.
“My mom said someone has to be with us,” I say.
We took a moment to try to solve the problem.
“I don’t think she would be that mad if your dad was near us most the time,” I say.
“Okay!” says Elana.
All happy that we can go, we run to the nearest house.
We all step in the same puddle that had cold dirty water that splashed on our shoes. I could feel the water making its way to my white socks. I knew I should’ve brought my waterproof spray. Cold and with wet shoes we still went on to every house.

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“Trick or treat!” we all say with a big smile.
There was many guys inside that were smiling and had a camera who had opened the door. They gave us our candy and said if they could take a picture of us.
“Sure,” we all said.
My friend Maggie jumps into the bushes. She hates pictures. Marisa, Elena and I smiled to the camera. “That was weird, why would he want our picture taken?” I say nervously.
“I don’t know I never talked to them before,” says Elena suspiciously.
All so nervous we go to Elena’s trusted neighbor. A person wearing a big blue costume covered with purple patches shows up at the door, it was Sully from Monsters Inc. We say trick or treat and get our candy then we tell her what happened.
The lady said the same thing that I said, “Thats weird, why would they want a picture of you guys?”
“ I don't know but should we ask them to delete it? “ Elena replies.
“If you want I can go and talk to them for you?” says Elena’s neighbor.
“Maybe its not a big deal,” says Marisa.
“Okay, you're right lets just forget about it,” I say.
We couldn’t get it off our minds. We all kept saying possibilities that might be the reason they took a picture of us. My friend Maggie