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“Paper #1 – It’s a girl”
The narrative story called “The F Word” by Firoozeh Dumas talked about she came to America when little and all of her family had some exotic names. Firoozeh was so embarrassed of how people used to change her name because they were not able to pronounce it on the right form. Firoozeh could not even find a job just because of her name. Firozeeh finally changed her name to “Julie” even now her parents did not want to. Firozeeh changed her name, and after that she finally found a job. Americans are not used to learning new names, but since there are a lot of immigrants they might just need to get used to it.
Everything started when the doctor said “It’s a girl”. In Mexico, almost everyone in my family had all boys named Luis. My parents were not going to have a baby boy that they would named Luis this time like everyone else in the family. My parents were very excited trying to find a perfect name for the new unborn baby. My dad looked into so many baby name books since they did not have any iPhone or iPads back on the 90’s; however my mom wanted to be original, so she chooses the name Elsy. The name Elsy is just a simple and short not common name.
When I was around seven or eight years old, everyone in school classroom would make fun of my name since “el” means he in Spanish and “si” means yes. All the kids would keep making up things like “elno” or just different words to make fun of my original name like my mom said. Every single year in school, I would hear the same stuff about my name, but it would be different students. The kids around me at lunch would scream my name just to laugh at me; I never thought this was going to happen to me just like ”Firozeeh”.(#206)
Years passed and I keep growing with the same name, but I even wanted to change it. Since I did not want them to make fun of it, I started to tell the new people that I meet that my name was “Anahi”. I wanted a change in my life so bad about the big problem of my Elsy (He yes) name. When I was fourteen , my mom decided to move to Texas because she got tired of me telling her about my stories and some