A Walk To My Neighborhood

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Jasur Akramov 12/17/14
English Composition
“A Walk to My Neighborhood”
You know those neighborhoods where you just avoid walking through it, because you know there is something odd about the neighborhood? It is where you see rats go crazy and fight to eat another rat. There are shady looking people standing outside their house; drunk and loud. It is where you can find so much trash on the sidewalks that not even Mr. Clean seem to do any good. You can't ignore the used needles and young children sitting on the steps; they look like they haven't had a bath in quite some time. Even your shadow shivers and the cops don't dare to enter, as far as they know, this place doesn't exist. People's daily routine would involve a gunshot and a dead body. It is the neighborhood where Santa Clause doesn't seem to distribute any presents, because he knows everyone has been naughty. Well thankfully, I am not from that neighborhood. Because of its centric location, my neighborhood is arguably one of the best and most comfortable place to live.
Let’s take a tour to my neighborhood. Where I live, it’s quite; friendly and most importantly it is safe. Instead of encountering rats, you would normally see little Chihuahua barking at German Shepard. Every day, at noon time, you would see couple of elders at their late 70s would just sit outside their house or building and start chatting with each other and peacefully observe their surroundings. You can feel the cool feeling of the breeze that came with the waves of the ocean and the sweet sounds of bluebirds drawing your mind into the world of tranquility. Restaurants, grocery stores and big retail stores like Best Buy, Model's, Guess and more are nearby for our conveniences. My daily activities in my neighborhood involve my friends and me going to Public Park and playing soccer.
Most of my high school buddies lived close by my neighborhood and it was easy for us to hang out for often. We would usually hang out at Dyker Park which is 20 minutes away from my building and distract ourselves by playing soccer. Dyker Park is huge, it’s like mini Central Park and that’s why we would normally play there. Because of its size, a lot of people choose to go there and it usually becomes crowded, but we always had an alternative; there is a restricted place where we’d play and no one knows about it. After the game, we’d always go to get a slice of pizza. Pizza wasn’t the best pizza, but it was still enjoyable. While walking home, I’d pass supermarkets, where I buy my groceries.
Every week, I would have to go to grocery, I have different choices; I can go to the Italian Supermarket where it is 5 minutes away from my apartment building. The Italian Supermarket has good fruits and vegetables which you can smell the freshness and almost taste it, for other products they are not so good. I can go to Turkish Supermarket (Halal Food) this is where I mostly buy my meat, because they provide each customer with fresh and precise amount of meat, one by one. However, my favorite is the Russian Supermarket (Net Cost Market), because it's not just convenient, it has also all of the food that I need. They have the fruits and vegetables just like the Italians but at lower price and they sell items from foods, flowers to books, they have everything. Which is why I buy my groceries from them. Since food is my specialty, Net Cost Market provides me with the best ingredients to make the perfect dish.
All of the neighborhoods are known for something, for example; the Manhattan neighborhood is known for its big skyscrapers, Central Park neighborhood is known for its enormous park, Coney Island neighborhood is known for its public attraction park and my neighborhood is known for its food. My neighborhood has some of the best Uzbek Restaurants, the food is delicious. They have Samsa, Qurtab, Palov, Shashlik, Kabab, Lagman and many other