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The road to the state tournament was one that I will never forget. The Perry Lady Maroons softball team of 2013 made Perry, Oklahoma history by going to the state tournament for the first time. My team and I basically lived at our softball complex from August to October. Although the outcome of state wasn’t what I expected, the blood, sweat, and tears were worth every second I got to play at the USA Hall of Fame Stadium. The beginning of my junior year of softball season I knew we had hit the jackpot with our team. We had pitching that couldn’t be hit, batting that couldn’t be fielded, and fielding that could stop almost anything. It was rough at the beginning of practices, as it is with most teams. That’s to be expected though, we had to work a little harder to get where we wanted to go. We came out at the beginning of the season thinking we would be average, but what became of our season was nothing we could have imagined. We came out with a season opener against Cushing. This was my big chance, my chance to claim my spot as varsity catcher of my softball team. And I did just that, I came out pistols firing and 3rd play of the game I threw a girl out at second. That play was exhilarating, and set the tone for the entire game. Our pitcher, Jayde Hansen pitched lights out, and our hitting was better than we ever could have hoped. We went on to win that game and that was only the beginning to what we were about to accomplish. The rest of the season was surreal. We beat some of the best teams we have ever faced. Blanchard, Manford, and Edmond Memorial were among the many teams that we beat during our season. We didn’t care who it was, we came out with our hair on fire with a passion for the ball game. Every game was another chance to prove just who wanted it more, and my team wanted it more than any team out there. Our record was 30-5 when the Regional Tournament came along, and with a record like that we deserved to host our own Regionals. We went through our tournament and had a clean sweep. We beat Perkins and Chisolm with no problem and no worries. Now we had to beat Newkirk and though we had run-ruled them already, we knew they were gunning for us. We shut them down with keeping it zero to zero until in the 5th inning we finally scored the first run putting us in the lead at one to zero. Our blood was pumping; we knew we were going to win. We deserved this. This is what we worked so hard for, then they retaliated and scored a run to tie up the ball game. It’s the 7th inning and we knew it was either score a run this inning or go into extra innings and risk losing everything we worked for. They get one out. Then they get a second. That’s when everyone got a little nervous. Jayde is up to bat and on the second pitch, Jayde crushes a ball into