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In 10th grade, I had missed my first day of school because I was really sick. The next day it come, while hearing the announcement of homeroom, we were told welcome back to all track c students and welcome to incoming ninth graders. They mention that a add on year has us waiting, and that swimming, football, and cross country try outs are the following day, and to make sure to bring an emergency card. Throughout my day various of friends had mentioned joining football because it can get you fit an etc ; however, over hearing the word cross country caught my attention. I had no clue what sport was that. The name had been brought up before, but I've never understood it. My classes have been switched to honors because I had decided to take a step forward in school. Knowing teachers will be expecting more from others, I was gladly amused that we would be treated better. While at my English class, various of classmates kept discussing about joining a sport. I had to my chance to ask what is required for football. They said we needed special cleats and should be dehydrated and have a emergency card. I had to emergency card gladly ready but all I needed was cleats. After school I've had gone to tryouts and throughout the day I have been tired from all the classwork & heat. Once I realized football wasn't for me due to not being mentally ready I looked at other sports. Once I left try outs I was debating, I had seen cross country which I still had no clue what it was. I had gone over by myself looking at the guys race and saw and was told that you must run a specific amount in tryouts. The time to try out was to give them our time for the one mile.
Seeing the guys try out I had in mind that my chances on joining this odd sport were blown.
Furthermore, I have been told by the coach where was my sticker, I told him I didn't have one, which led to him asking me if I was here to try out. I took awhile to respond not knowing if I should or should not. Eventually my