Narrative Essay About A Talk Out In The School

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all i ever said in the hospital was that zack did get croup a lot before and that was after you said I bet she got it from him and yeah as much as this may piss u off I did say something to amy cuz rather zack got her sick or not is beside the point....ur the one that took them there and from the conversation at your party you all knew someone in the house was not trying to fight honestly im not even awake enough to care about this bullshit but just go to her if u have any concerns about what may or may not have happened involving her children i dont even remember what brought that conversation up but something did and thats when i said something its not like i called her and said o guess what but we were all talking before that and something brought it up

Yeah im just saying randy said that u completely jumped off of topic to bring that up and when did i say that i think she got it from Zach because i do not remember saying that at all
Im not trying to fight either i just dont know y u would bring it up when i didnt even say anythingin the first place and try to get amy mad at us for no reason

no it wasn't off topic we were talking about something and right now i dont remember what it is was but amy and i were talking about shit and i asked how zack was and that you thought it was because of him that olivia got sick and you were upset because all timothy did was shrug his shoulders and was like idk....i wasn't trying to start anything between anyone so for that im sorry but they are my family and have been friends for years so i worry about their kids just like they do mine and shit

well i dont recolect blaming anybody and if u had a problem with me that u should have just talked to me and not went and tried to cause trouble about something that i didnt even say i would