Narrative Essay About Fishing Research Paper

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It’s a calm summer afternoon. Me and my best friend Christian are patrolling the banks of a pond in a paddle boat in search of a nice bass. It's humid, hot, and muggy but perfect. The sun is setting while we talk about girls, fishing, and whatever else we probably shouldn't be talking about. as we’re casting at the banks with topwater frogs anticipating a blow up with every cast. I'm relaxed and enjoying the atmosphere when I throw my frog on to the bank then hop it off just like a bullfrog would do. After I hop it into the water and I begin to pop the lure when out of nowhere, “BOOM”, it gets smoked! My heart starts pumping out of control and I jerk the rod back setting the hooks into the fish’s mouth. Setting the hook so hard ensured me the fish was gonna stay on but didn't ensure my balance in the little paddle boat that we were in so I hilariously fell into the bottom of the little paddle boat while my friend laughs at me. Trust me I knew, I looked dumb but I wasn't about to let that fish go. I reeled and reeled speeding the fish into the boat and I held it up showing it off to Christian of course bragging about how i just …show more content…
When i'm driving down backroads I often find myself turning the music off and rolling down my window just to listen to the life of the summer night. After school I'm blessed with a trip to Montana every year where my uncle and his family live. I cherish the trek there, flying by myself and enjoying the simple things like the plane taking off and looking out of the window to see nothing but beauty in the mountainous terrain of the montana dessert. While i'm there we fish on the outstanding trout infested rivers that montana has to offer. The fishing is absurd and the views are indescribable but behind all of that I really admire the simple conversations and hilarious, scary, and thrilling moments on the river with my