Narrative Essay About Love

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All i ever wanted was that perfect TV show style family. A loving mom, a working dad, and maybe a sibling or two. Always giggling and always getting into silly shenanigans with one another. But no, i got the drug addicted mother, the drunk, abusive father, and no one too love me. So i ran away. Away from the pain, the sadness, the strangers. Do i miss home? not in the least. Sure now i don't have a roof to cover my head, but i have found something better than that. i have found love. not the kind of love that a couple would have, But a love of someone i can depend on and care about as a brother.. Hs name is Clyde and we are inseparable. Like brother and sister we have been together for 3 months, traveling by train, and living on the streets. We are like peanut butter and jelly, best friends forever. We will travel and stay in a town for a couple of days, making a friend or two before slowly fading away again. We live in the moment, now. not tomorrow, not yesterday, but today. We party like we might die the next day. You never know, so why spend your life sitting in a crappy little town with parents who don't care, when you could travel. Meeting new people every week is great, some are nice, some don't like the idea of sharing their booze with drifters, but they warm up eventually.
We appear out of nowhere, then disappear just as quick. I'm the girl who is lost in space, the girl who is disappearing always, forever fading away, further and further into the background.