Narrative Essay About My Dream

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It was then, that I started to doubt if it was the right thing to do. I was getting everything I dreamed of from the perfect guy and the perfect house and eventually a perfect family. But I had this feeling that this might all be a dream. Something just isn’t right, but then I thought to myself “come on Anna, pull it together. You’re just getting cold feet. You’ve been waiting for this day all your life.” All I had to do was go through those doors, walk down that isle and say … I DO. I thought back to the day I met Michael, He seemed to know how to take care of everything, while I knew nothing. Plus he was outgoing and strong, which I admired. We fell in love on the first date. That is when I imagined my life with him, a loving husband who worked and came home to me and the kids and sat and ate dinner and they would talk about how school went and how his day was at work, as a detective. That is when I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. So, as those doors flew open and I saw him, all my doubts went away and we were happily married. A year later, we were settled into our house and I had my first daughter, Tessa. It was as I imagined it until, a few months later when I found out that Michael has been cheating on me. That night I put Tessa to sleep and waited for him to come home. As I waited and waited I was starting to fall asleep but, then I heard the car coming in the driveway. As Michael walked in he saw me and just stood there confused. “Honey, why are you still up its ...” I cut him off mid-sentence and asked him “who is she, Michael? The woman that you’ve been cheating on me while I take of Tessa day and night and I’ve been thinking oh poor Michael has been working day and night, he must be tired. Except you weren’t at work all those days, you were with that woman weren’t you?” I tried to keep my voice calm and low so I wouldn’t wake up Tessa, but the anger was just bursting out of me. He started to explain himself to me, which it meant nothing to him but I didn’t believe a word he said. In that moment four words came out of my