Narrative Essay On A Birthday Party

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Today I went to shopping with my sister (Pinky) to buy something for her engagement. First I did some shopping with her, but in the middle of the way home I saw some boys were playing football. I was going to go home but Tony wanted me to come and play with them. I played for few minutes with them then I came home because tonight is Pinky’s engagement and I have to get ready for tonight.
DEAR DAIRY! Last night was Pinky’s engagement party. It was amazing, everyone was very happy and I really enjoyed it. Today is a very beautiful day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the weather is also good. Today again I went to the park to play football with the boys. I was playing football then suddenly a lady came and said to me that you are a good football player, why don’t you come and play with us? She said there is a girl team and you can come and play with us. I was surprised because it was my wish, my dream and my goal. I joined the girl’s team but the big problem is that how should I tell it to my Mum and Dad? My family hate football, they will never let me to play football. I told my problem with Jules, She is a very kind person. She said to me to tell your Mum and Dad that you got a summer job. I told my Mum and Dad exactly what Joe told to me and they accept it.
After all, every day I was going and playing football and my family didn’t know about this exempt Pinky until now. Today, in the morning I was at the bus stop with my friend Joe. We were laughing and hugging each other but Pinky’s Mother in law with father in law saw me at the bus stop. They thought that I was kissing an English boy. They came in our house and said to my Mum and Dad that I was kissing an English boy. They cancelled Pinky’s engagement. Pinky got very upset and told everything to my Mum and Dad that I don’t have any summer job I am playing football. It made my family so disappointed.
DEAR DIARY! Today I am happy and sad. I am happy because my sister is getting married and I am sad because her wedding day is on the 25th, which is the final scout. I can’t leave my sister alone on her wedding day because she needs me and I have to be with her.
DEAR DIARY! Today is my sister’s wedding and the final scout. I am very happy today because my Dad said that if this is the only way that I’m going to see you smiling on your sister’s wedding day, then go now. But when you come back, I want to see you happy on the video. Play well and make us proud. Eventually, I made my family so proud and achieved what I always wanted.


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