Narrative Essay On American Journey

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For this semester I want to write my essay about the barrier that a refugee has to go through in order to have an American dream. I was inspired to write this as my research paper after hearing the story from my family's, and watching a documentary film about the Lost Boys of Sudan, and God Grew Tired of Us. The documentary film follows these lost boys as they travel from a refugee camp in Kenya and Sudan to the United States to try to start a new life. When they arrive at the state, they meet their adoptive families, begin to attend school and start working at menial jobs. But despite their new-found stability, they have difficulty adjusting to life in their new country. As they try to come to terms with the horrors they experienced in their …show more content…
I found that google scholar and a documentary film databases give me the best and most quality answer. Sometimes, I would search for the title of my essay like “ Barrier refugee go through"
When I start doing my research on my topic, I spent lots of time by brainstorming what I already know. By doing this I can be clear about exactly what I already aware of and I can research more information about the thing I didn't know so that I don’t end up wasting time by reading the article that will tell me what I already know. This gives me more time and allows me to be more specific in my essay to find out certain things. It also gives me the right direction and putting myself in the right of mind for learning about the topic at hand.
As I work through my reading for each article it took me 20 minutes to read and take note. I take notes as I go along so I didn't forget anything I read earlier. I write down everything that will be useful in answering my question in my final essay. When I take note it has to be short and easy to remember in my own words. Note-taking is a major part of my research process because it helps me a lot. My notes don’t just come in useful in the short-term, for completing my reflection essay, but it also helps when I write my final