Narrative Essay On Drunk Driving

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Sunday afternoon, August 13th my family and I had just got home from church and running a few errands. My dad asked if I wanted to go practice driving because I hadn't in awhile and I needed to fill in my “drive time” hours. At first we just drove around my neighborhood and to my school which wasn't bad, then my dad insisted I get on the freeway which I was a little anxious but after a while I got the hang of it and was doing really well for the most part. After about forty minutes of driving my dad said “why don't we go ahead and take the highway home.” I was pretty hesitant at first because I knew i couldn't react as fast with lots of other fast cars around but my dad eventually convinced me I would be okay.

As I entered the highway
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So many thoughts and questions sprinting through my head like “is someone dead?” and “what's gonna happen next?” Strangers, policeman, and paramedics were all rushing to ask the same questions; if i was okay, how old I am, and what my name is. After sitting for hours in the same cycle of tears, questions, and confusion I felt the arms of two ladies hug me as I realized it was my mom and grandmother I listened to what sounded like the most forgiving voices I had ever heard. My parents assisted me to my mom's car knowing I was more scared than hurt. They drove to the nearest hospital and had my dad and I checked for any injuries. They made it clear my left hand and dad's left ribs were all sprain but nothing broken. As soon as we got home my parents sent me to bed but that was just the first of many sleepless nights.

After that day just being in a car was hard for me. I went weeks without knowing if the other people were okay until we got a call informing us a couple of people suffered fractures but for the most part everyone was fine. I began to accept it was only an accident and misunderstanding between my dad and I’s communication. Everyday got a little better and I realized I should be more cautious and aware of my surroundings before getting on any road while